How should biological resources be evaluated?

2:00 - 4:00 pm
Venue: Concert Hall

Organizers Valerie Wood, Marc Gillespie and Elena Speretta
Panelists: Paul Sternberg (Caltech), Jo McEntyre (EMBL-EBI), Ruth Lovering (UCL), David Carr (Wellcome Trust), Peter McQuilton (FAIRsharing)

Diverse and appropriate research indicators are required to assess quality, cost, and value of biological resources, and have recently been developed by Elixir: Increasingly resource funders support, or propose to implement alternative research measures during the grant evaluation process. In this panel discussion, we will explore the issues surrounding this topic. For example, can we develop metrics to quantify some of the hidden roles of biocurators that are absent from the current evaluation process, but are necessary to provide high-quality biological resources.